AANP CE Center Account Login and Password Assistance

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A user's login name and password for the AANP CE Center is the same login information that is used to access the AANP.org website. If you are already logged in to the AANP website in your browser, your login credentials for that session will automatically pass your authentication to the CE Center when you access it from the same browser.

If you are not sure what your login password is for your AANP account, you can to go my.aanp.org and click on the "Forgot Your Password?" link at the bottom of the login screen. Follow all on-screen instructions to recover and/or reset your AANP account password.



If you are still unable to log into your AANP account after resetting your password, or if you are unsure what email address(s) you might have an account under, please submit a request for additional assistance through our AANP Help Center support form.  Fill out the required form fields and a support agent will reach out to assist you with your request.


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