How to Register for and Take a Continuing Education (CE) Activity

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How to Register for a CE Center Course


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How to Take and Complete a CE Center Course



Search and Register for CE Activities

Most of the activities offered in the AANP CE Center are video/on-demand activities and publications. When you first log in, you’ll arrive at the CE activities catalog home page, which contains a listing of all our different CE categories. You can click on any one of these to explore CE activities in that area. If you are looking for something more specific, you can use the search bar at the top of the catalog to search for CE activities by keyword.



When you find an activity that you are interested in, click on the hyperlinked title of it to be taken to the activity's details page. On this page, in the upper-right corner, you’ll either see a green “Register” button (for free activities) or a yellow "Add to Cart" button (for paid activities).  Clicking a green "Register" button will bypass the cart process and automatically add the activity to your CE Activities list. Clicking the yellow "Add to Cart" button will add the activity to your checkout cart and you will need to go through the checkout and payment process before the activity is added to your CE Activities list. 



Take Your CE Activity

You can sign up for as many CE activities as you would like at one time. To get to your list of registered CE Activities, look in the upper-right of your browser screen and click on “Hello, (your name)” and from the drop-down menu provided, select “My CE Activities”.



CE Activities will appear in the center of your screen. Clicking on the title of any CE activity will expand the activity options and show you important information such as when the course expires, a summary of the description and objectives and the activity buttons. Click on any activity title to get started (look for the green DOWNLOAD or PLAY button to launch the content of the activity). 



Many CE Center activities contain downloadable content that can be used to supplement your learning experience as you are taking the activity. Typically, activities will include a copy of the slide handout document (if you'd like to print it and take notes on it), a post-test review (if the activity includes a post-test) and other resources such as downloadable patient tools or additional activity instructions. Make sure to check the blue "Additional Resources" button on the activity for these items. (NOTE: If an activity includes a post-test, we highly recommend learners download the post-test review document and have it available while watching the content. This allows learners to be actively listening for and looking for answers to the post-test questions while taking the content and helps better prepare the learner for taking the post-test at the end of the activity.)



After completing all of the content of any activity, you will need to visit the blue "Next Steps" button to finish the remaining activity requirements (such as providing a participation code, agreeing to an affidavit statement, taking a post-test, submitting an evaluation, etc.).



All components shown under the "Next Steps" button are required to be completed before a learner can earn their certificate of completion. When you’ve completed all necessary items in the “Next Steps” area, your status on the activity will change to “Complete,”  a button will appear at the bottom of the window that says "Get Certificate" and you’ll have a record of the CE completion added to your My CE Tracker.



To access a record of the CE courses you’ve completed internally through the AANP CE Center or through any AANP conferences (in-person or on-demand), you can click on the “Hello, (your name)” tab again in the upper-right corner and select My CE Tracker (or you can get there directly by bookmarking the link .



Click here to learn more about the CE Tracker tool.


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