Find and Sign Up For Free Continuing Education (CE) Activities as a Non-Member

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The AANP CE Center has a variety of CE activities that are available for free to learners that are not members of AANP. If you are not currently a member of AANP but are interested in taking some of the free activities that we offer, all you will need to do is create a non-member account so that you can access the CE Center. A detailed list of instructions on how to create a non-member AANP account, access the CE Center, locate free CE activities and register for your first activity are included below. 


PART 1:  Create a Non-Member AANP Account


  1. Go to and click on the red Login text in the upper right corner of the browser.



  1. On the next screen, look below the blue Sign In button and click the link that says Create Account.



  1. Go through the account creation process and provide the information requested. You will be asked to provide your personal and contact information as part of the account creation process, but will not be asked to provide any kind of payment information. By default, all new accounts are created as non-member accounts (and users can select to "Join Now" after the account is created if they want to upgrade the account to a member account). For purposes of accessing free CE activities available to non-members, you only need to set up the default non-member account to establish CE Center access. Creating a non-member account will always be free.



PART 2: Sign Up for Free CE Activities

  1. Once you’ve finished creating your account, navigate your way to the AANP CE Center by clicking on Education and then selecting CE Center from the AANP homepage.



  1. Log in with your newly created non-member account. Once you’ve logged into the AANP CE Center, scroll down the page to look at the categories of CE activities available. Find the category called Free CE for AANP Members and click on it. (Note: Even though this area is labeled for AANP members, there will be free activities for both members and non-members listed here. Members will have access to all activities in this area for free, non-members will have access to some of the activities in this area for free.)



  1. The resulting page will be a list of all CE activities currently available in the AANP CE Center that are free to members and non-members (note: not all activities listed here will be free to non-members). You can search through these activities by using the “next” and “prev” navigation buttons provided at the top and bottom of the page or use the search bar at the top to find free activities related to the topic you are interested in (make sure that the filter on the left side still has “[Free CE for AANP Members]” selected – if it doesn’t, you may need to re-check it after typing in the search term.) In the course results list, you will find CE activities that are grant funded — these will always be free to members and non-members. Some specialty programs will also be listed (like AANP Course of the Month, which is only available to members for free during the first month) — but most specialty programs will be exclusively free to members only.



  1. Once you click on the title of the article, look to the upper-right corner for activity registration options. If you see a green “Register” button, this means the activity is free to you and you can register for it without being charged (bypasses the cart checkout process). If you see a yellow "Add to Cart" button, it means the activity is not free to you and will require payment before it can be added to your CE Activities list.



PART 3: Begin Your CE Activity

  1. After registering for all the CE Activities that you’d like to view, you can access your CE Activities page at any time by locating the area that says “Hello, (name)” in the upper-right corner of your browser and hovering your mouse over it. From the menu that appears, select My CE Activities to be taken to your registered activities.



  1. Click on the title of any activity when you are ready to start working on it. Doing this will expand the options and additional information related to the activity. On the left-side of the activity box there will usually be three buttons: Play, Additional Resources and Next Steps.


    Play:  This button will launch the activity content in a new browser window (make sure you don’t have a pop-up blocker turned on, or you may not see the window when it tries to open). The activity content may be video content, publication content, interactive content, etc. The content that appears in the window will need to be completed fully (watched/read/etc.) in order to meet activity requirements and move on to the post-test (if there is one available) and evaluation.

    Additional Resources: This area provides downloadable resources related to the activity content. The two typical files that are usually included in this area are a PDF of the slides used for the presentation and the post-test review. If you like to take notes while watching the activity content, you can print out the slide handout and take notes on the slides as you go through the activity. Additionally, you may find it useful to print out the post-test review and listen for the answers to those questions as you are going through the activity. Those are the exact questions that you will see on the post-test.

    Next Steps: This area is where you will come to finish up the activity (it opens in a new browser window). After completing the viewing/reading requirements of an activity, you will come to this area to get access to the post-test (if available) and evaluation. Not all activities will require a post-test for completion. Some activities will have a post-test associated with them but will not require a passing score to move forward  (i.e., users get one attempt on the test and will move forward to the evaluation regardless of their post-test score). Some activities will have a post-test associated with them and will require a certain passing threshold (where retake attempts are limited) in order to move on to the evaluation. Make sure to read the information in this area carefully to be aware of what is required when it comes to completing an activity post-test.  All activities require the completion of an activity evaluation in order to earn your CE credit and the final certificate of completion.


  1. After all activity requirements are met, a button that says “Get Certificate” will appear at the bottom of the Next Steps window. Clicking the “Get Certificate” button will generate a copy of your certificate on-screen to print or save as needed (opens in a new window, make sure you don't have a pop-up blocker turned on!). Additionally, this will generate a copy of the certificate that will be emailed to the email address you have tied to the CE Center.



PART 4: Review your CE Completions

  1. A record of all activities that you complete within the CE Center can be found in the My CE Tracker tool. To access this tool, locate the area that says “Hello, (name)” in the upper-right corner of your browser and mouse over that. From the menu that appears, select My CE Tracker to be taken to a record of all your completed activities.  You can also use this area to retrieve a copy of any certificates of completion you've received for completed activities.



If you find that you are enjoying the free CE activities in the CE Center and might be interested in taking some of our additional members-only CE activities (or receiving a member discount on our specialty CE programs), you can choose to upgrade your non-member account to a member account at any time through your MyAANP profile page. Feel free to reach out to our AANP Membership team using the AANP Help Center form if you have any questions about additional benefits of membership or how to upgrade your account.   

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