Can I See Old or Expired Continuing Education (CE) Content?

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The CE Activities page is set up to display user course registrations that occurred within the last 365 days by default. If you have a course that is still active (i.e., available to claim CE credit for) that you registered for more than 365 days ago, you will need to adjust the page filtering options to display that course on your list.


While on the My CE Activities page, you will find the page filter settings at the top of the column on the left side of your browser screen. Click on the dropdown menu under "Display Purchases From" and select the option that best fits the timeline that you're looking to view (we recommend using "All Dates" so that it grabs everything that could potentially be available).



There are also additional page filtering options that can be used, as well. You can filter by a custom date range (enter your desired start and end date), by delivery type and completion status.


If you are not seeing the course that you are looking for on your list after adjusting the filtering options, this likely means that the content of the course is 90+ days past the content expiration date and is no longer available for viewing. Expired course content that is 90+ days past the expiration date will not load to user profiles. Credit and certificates of completion earned from expired activities can still be retrieved through the CE Tracker (


It is important for learners to make sure to be aware of the content expiration date on activities so that they can be completed in a timely manner. Requests for content extensions cannot always be granted and are handled on a case-by-case request. If learners wish to retain any downloadable content related to an activity (found on the "Additional Resources" button), it is important to download all digital content before an activity expires. Downloadable content will not be provided to learners once course content has expired.

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