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RECOMMENDED DEVICE(S) - Laptop or Desktop

The general recommendation that we make for all CE Center activities is that learners should be using a desktop or laptop device with either Chrome, Firefox, or Edge as their browser. Some CE Center activities may work (either fully or partially) from a mobile device or a tablet device - but we do not fully test or guarantee that all activities will work on those devices.  If you have a desktop or laptop available to use, those would be preferable to ensure that you have the best learner experience with our learning management system.


About Using Mobile/Tablet Devices:

As stated above, we cannot guarantee that all activities in the CE Center will work from your mobile or tablet device. Compatibility of activities on mobile devices will depend on what type of activity you are trying to take (video, publication, SCORM interactive, or webinar), the type of mobile/tablet device you are using, what mobile browser you are using, and what the settings for your mobile browser are. When it comes to using a mobile or tablet device with CE Center activities, some parts of activities might work just fine (such as watching or reviewing the activity content).  But, other parts of the activity (such as accessing downloadable handouts or taking the post-test/evaluation questions) may not.


We highly recommend to any learner that wants to take activities from a mobile or tablet device to download the mobile Chrome browser application. In the past this mobile browser has shown the most stability and reliability for learners taking CE on their mobile device. For learners that are using Apple devices, do not use mobile Safari. The mobile Safari app has shown issues in the past with activity participation tracking and an inability to play video content.


We have also noticed that some CE activity types perform better on mobile/tablet devices than others. See the list below:

  • Video Mp4 Activities: Most video activities can be viewed from a mobile/tablet device if the learner is using a recommended mobile browser (like mobile Chrome). However, there is a possibility that some settings on the device or mobile browser may cause tracking issues while watching the video. A learner might be able to finish watching the video on their phone, but the participation tracking component of the video playback may or may not get reported back to the learning management system. If this happens, learners won't be able to move on to next steps to complete the activity until video tracking has either been manually marked as complete or the video has been watched again on a different device that allows for video tracking. We recommend that learners use their best judgement when deciding if using a mobile device will work for them and accept the possibility that they might be more likely to encounter issues because they are using a mobile device. Because mobile is not fully tested and supported for use with the learning management system, we have limited troubleshooting options to help when working with learners that choose to use mobile devices.
  • Publication Activities: Publication activities rarely encounter issues on mobile devices. Most publication activities either link to an external web address article or a PDF article for the learner to read through. As long as the mobile device has a working PDF-reader and has a recommended mobile browser installed to use (like mobile Chrome), learners shouldn't find too many problems completing publication activities. If the publication has a post-test and evaluation requirement, it will be important to use a mobile browser like mobile Chrome to complete those requirements. These are javascript driven forms and need to be able to execute fully to display the form and all answer choices properly.
  • SCORM Interactive Activities:  NOT RECOMMENDED. If you are wanting to take a CE Center activity that shows the designation type of "SCORM", we would not recommend you attempt to take this activity from a mobile or tablet device.  SCORM activities contain interactive components throughout the presentation that report learner response data back to the learning management system as the activity is happening. This type of data collection and reporting is difficult for mobile browsers and typically the browsers will time-out or lose connection to the learning management system (thus causing the learner to lose participation tracking progress).
  • Webinar Activities: NOT RECOMMENDED. All webinar activities that are offered through the CE Center use GoToWebinar as the delivery platform. The GoToWebinar app can be downloaded on mobile/tablet devices and can be used to access educational webinars. However, not all functions of the webinar will be available to those who attend on mobile (particularly functions that allow for viewing of video playback and polling interactions). In general, we do not recommend that learners attend any educational webinar on a mobile device. Plan to use a desktop or laptop on the day of the webinar event instead for full functionality and viewing capabilities within the webinar platform.




RECOMMENDED BROWSER(S) - Chrome, Firefox, Edge

When selecting a browser to take your CE activities from, we highly recommend either using Chrome, Firefox, or Edge (all three are free to download). These browsers provide the most reliable stability in presentation of content and reporting of user participation and assessment tracking back to the learning management system.  If you do not already have one of these browsers available on your device, we highly recommend you consider downloading and installing at least one to use.


Browsers such as Safari and Internet Explorer should be AVOIDED. Learners consistently experience activity playback and activity data reporting issues with both of these browsers.





Below is a list of other general recommendations that we have to help improve your CE Activity experience:

  • Make sure that your browser settings have pop-up blocking features turned off. Activity video playback and other features utilize opening new windows and sometimes these windows will get blocked by pop-up blockers. Turn off any pop-up blocking features you may have.
  • If you are having problems with activity content loading, check your internet connection. Some activities (especially larger, video related activities) may function better on a connection where you are directly connected to your modem/router versus being on a wireless connection (fluctuations in wireless connectivity can cause video playback to pause/buffer/stop).
  • If you are working on a device that has a VPN turned on, you may need to turn your VPN connection off in order for some activities to work properly.
  • If you are experiencing activity tracking issues or page loading issues, make sure to clear your browser history/cache or try a different browser if you have one available on your device. Sometimes data in cache can cause loading/completion issues for activities, so clearing it out every once in a while is always a good idea. The following list contains links on how to clear the browser history/cache for the recommended browsers to be used with CE Center:
  • The location from which you are working can have an impact on your ability to be able to access and/or complete some activities in the CE Center. We've found that many learners like to work on their continuing education activities while they are at work (usually in a clinic, on a work-issued device) and this can cause issues with content access or completion tracking. Some work locations may have highly restrictive network settings that do not allow certain traffic over the network (ie, streaming video traffic, interactive SCORM activity traffic, etc). If you experience issues working on a continuing education activity in the CE Center while you are working from a work location and/or work device, we recommend trying the same activity from a home location while on a personal network and personal device to see if it makes a difference.  In some cases, network administrators may be willing to whitelist the CE Center in order for it to be accessed across a work network, but this is not always the case. If you suspect that your network security settings are affecting your ability to connect to the CE Center while at work, you can ask your network admins to whitelist the addresses and to see if it improves your experience.


If you have any specific questions about your individual device/browser setup, please submit a request for additional assistance through our Help Center support form and a representative will be in touch with you to provide additional troubleshooting and assistance. 

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