How to Share CE Tracker Data with AANPCB

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AANP members have the option to opt-in to a continuing education (CE) data sharing agreement with the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Certification Board (AANPCB). This data sharing agreement allows AANP to share data from a user's CE Tracker profile as outlined by the data sharing agreement


NOTE:  When a user opts-in to sharing their CE Tracker data with the AANP Certification Board, there is nothing that the user will be able to see through their user profile on the AANP site or the AANP Certification Board site that indicates the data is being shared with AANPCB. The opt-in agreement just allows user data to become viewable to AANP Certification Board staff that have a browser-based tool they can use to look up and verify a user's data when they are going through their certification/recertification process.


How It Works

To opt-in to sharing your CE Tracker data with AANPCB, go to the AANP CE Tracker tool at and log in with your AANP credentials. Once you've logged in and you're on the AANP CE Tracker record page, locate the "Share CEs with AANPCB (Certification)" button in the upper-right corner of your browser screen.



Clicking this button will open the website in a new browser tab and will provide you with an informative message about what the data sharing agreement is and how it works. Please read through all of the provided information carefully.


To opt-in to the data sharing agreement, place a checkmark in the box next to the "I understand…" statement in the bottom left corner and click the blue "Opt-In" button.



Successful completion of the opt-in step will provide a confirmation message like the one below. Users will also receive a confirmation email. Once you see the screen below, you can close the tab and return to the AANP CE Center.



NOTE: Once you have chosen to opt-in to this data sharing agreement, it will remain active and the data shared will update as you earn/add new CE credit in your CE Tracker. The only time the data-sharing stops is if you choose to opt-out or if your AANP membership expires.


If you wish to turn off your data sharing with AANPCB, you can do so at any time by returning to the CE Tracker tool and clicking on the "Share CEs with AANPCB (Certification)" button. This will open a new window with a message asking you to confirm that you want to opt-out of the data sharing agreement. Placing a check mark beside the "I understand…" statement and clicking the blue "Opt-Out" button will turn off any future data sharing with AANPCB.




What To Do Next?

Once your continuing education (CE) data from CE Tracker is being shared with AANPCB, you can follow the standard process for recertification through the AANPCB website. When you are logged in on the AANPCB website, please be aware that you will not see any indication in your profile that data sharing is active. As long as you are actively opted-in to sharing your data, AANPCB has access to your CE Tracker data as outlined in the data sharing agreement.


When you are ready to start your recertification application, you can go to the AANPCB website and click on "My Continuing Education" from the MY AANPCB menu. 



As part of recertification, you will be asked to enter proof of your CE and pharmacology hours earned. Sharing your CE Tracker data with AANPCB means that you will only need to make one entry in this area that combines all CE Tracker history together. Scroll down to the section called "Current Continuing Education" and click the "Add New CE" button.  (Note: If you are on the recertification form, you will see a similar section for continuing education and can use the button "Add Individual CE" and follow the same steps.)



In the new window that opens, make a single entry using the following values for the required fields:

  • Program Name: Data Sharing of AANP CE Tracker
  • Program Sponsor: American Association of Nurse Practitioners
  • CE Accreditor: American Association of Nurse Practitioners
  • Date on CE Certificate: (date of your most recent completed CE activity)
  • CE Hours: (sum of all CE hours in your CE Tracker)
  • Pharmacology Hours: (sum of all Pharmacology hours in your CE Tracker)
  • Backup Documentation to Upload: None




Once the entry is submitted, you do not need to do anything else. There is no need to upload any additional documentation or certificates. 



Note: If new activity completions are added to your CE Tracker after making this entry on your AANPCB profile, make sure to go back in and update the AANPCB entry with the latest date/CE hours/pharm hours (the AANPCB website will not update your entry automatically). Click on the pencil icon to edit your entry.



Please reach out to AANPCB at if you have any questions regarding the recertification process.

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