How to Add Self-Entries to the AANP CE Tracker

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Uploading continuing education (CE) credit earned from external CE providers is an AANP member-only benefit. If you wish to utilize this function, make sure that you have a current AANP membership.


To start adding information about CE that you've earned outside of the AANP CE Center, go to the AANP CE Tracker tool at and log in with your AANP credentials. Once you've logged in and are on the AANP CE Tracker record page, locate the "Add Credit" button in the upper-right corner of your browser screen.



Clicking this button will open a new internal window inside of your current browser. This window will ask for the following fields of information (fields denoted with * are REQUIRED information that must be entered in order for the entry to be created):

  • *Program/ Event Title - This will be the title of the activity or event that was completed for CE credit. When entering data into this field, it is important to make sure that the title is not excessively long, does not contain special characters and does not start with a number. Make minor modifications to your program/event title to meet this criteria, or you may experience issues with being able to submit the entry.
  • Event Date - This will be the date that the activity/conference/program/etc. was offered. If the program was offered over a range of days, it is usually recommended that you use the start date of the event as the entry for this field.
  • *Completed - This field will be the date on which you completed the activity and earned your CE credit and certificate. This date needs to match the date that is provided on the certificate.
  • *Issuing Organization - This field will be the name of the organization that created the activity content and/or hosted the event.
  • Reference Number - This field will be a number provided by the activity hosting organization and is usually the accreditation ID number.
  • Activity Location - If the activity was offered as a live event, this field would be populated with the city/state where the activity happened. If the activity was offered as an online or virtual event, you can list "Virtual" as the location.
  • Accreditation - Use this field to list the name of the accrediting organization for the activity (AANP, ACCME, AAPA, etc.). Activities can be accredited by more than one accrediting body. If your activity has multiple accrediting organizations, use this field to list the accreditation that most closely matches with the credit you normally use for certification/recertification.
  • *Activity Format - This field contains a drop-down list of activity format options to choose from. Pick the format that most closely matches the type of activity you completed.
  • *Credit Amount and *Credit Type - These fields are required and must both have a value assigned to them before they can be added to the entry. The Credit amount field is for numerical values only (ex. 1.00, 2.75, etc.). The Credit Type field is a drop-down list of different credit options you can select from. Make sure that the credit type you select matches the same credit type that is listed on your certificate of completion (important note — CEU and CE are not the same credit type. See our article on different credit types for a more in-depth explanation). Once you have both a credit amount and a credit type selected, use the "Add" button located on the right side of the line to add that credit information as part of the entry. You can add multiple credit amounts/types to an entry if the activity you completed was assigned multiple credit amounts/types.



Once you have entered all of the activity information into the required fields, you can upload the certificate of completion by clicking on the "Choose File" button. The only accepted file type for certificate uploads is PDF and all PDF files must be less than 25MB in size.  Be sure to save the entry once you have uploaded the certificate.





  • If you are unclear about information on your certificate or if information is missing on your certificate, you will need to reach out to the issuer of certificate for more information.
  • It is the responsibility of the learner to verify that all of the information they are entering in their self-entry is correct, accurate and matches the certificate of completion that was awarded for the activity. AANP CE Center staff do not check self-entered CE completions for accuracy or completeness.


If you experience any issues creating your CE self-entry into the CE Tracker tool, please submit a request for additional assistance through our AANP Help Center support form and a support representative will reach out to provide further assistance.

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