Buprenorphine Waiver Training Program (Pre-2023)

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Prior to 2023, AANP partnered with the American Society of Addition Medicine (ASAM) to offer the 24-hour Buprenorphine Waiver training program (Part I for 8 hours and Part II for 16 hours). ASAM created and hosted all of the course content on the ASAM e-learning site and AANP reviewed and accredited that content to award continuing education (CE) and pharmacology credit from AANP through the AANP CE Center e-learning site.

As of June 2023, this activity is an expired activity and no longer offered by AANP or ASAM. Additionally, this activity is no longer a requirement for DEA licensing (see the article "Courses that Meet DEA Requirements for Licensing" here).

If you completed Part I and/or Part II of the content on ASAM's e-learning site but did not claim your CE credit or certificate of completion from AANP during the window of time that the activity was still available, you can still do so only if you have the course waiver code (also called a participation code) provided by ASAM. Completion of each part of the ASAM content would have awarded learners with a waiver code (typically the code looked like "Waiver####" where #### is a 4-digit unique code assigned by AANP to be able to claim credit in the CE Center). Both Part I and Part II have their own unique code, so learners would need both codes in order to get credit for the full 24 hours of content.

If you know that you completed the content through ASAM, but do not recall receiving the waiver code/participation code for your completion, you will need to reach out to ASAM support to request their assistance in retrieving that code.  ASAM support can be reached via email at email@ASAM.org or by phone at 1-301-656-3920.

Once you have the waiver code(s) from ASAM, you can submit those to AANP support through our online support form and a representative will help you obtain the relevant CE credit and certificate(s) of completion. When submitting the support request form, please also indicate the date on which you completed the ASAM training (your AANP certificate will need to be back-dated to match that same date for record accuracy).

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