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Starting in 2021, AANP started offering AANP Region Meetings exclusively in a virtual live-meeting format (utilizing GoToWebinar) and opened them up for any member of any region to join. All registration for AANP Region Meetings happens within the AANP CE Center. Region Meetings that are currently open for registration can be found here: AANP Regional Meetings.

Below is a list of common questions related to region meetings that you may find helpful.


I'm not seeing a "Register" button for the region meeting I want to attend.

  • Region meetings are available only to users that have a current AANP membership status. If you are not a current AANP member, you will need to sign up for or renew your membership before being able to register for the meeting.   (Note: there is a 24-hour delay between updating your membership and the CE Center recognizing that update synced to your profile. If you update your membership, you will need to wait 24 hours before attempting to register for a Region Meeting.)


I am part of a nurse practitioner organization. Can I register for region meetings?

  • The only member of an NPO that is eligible to join AANP region meetings is the organization leader. You will need to submit a request through our AANP Help Center support form to request to be added to a region meeting. When filling out the support form, please make sure to include which NPO you are representing and which region meeting you wish to be registered for.


Are AANP Region Meetings recorded and offered for on-demand viewing at a later time?

  • No, region meetings are only offered for live attendance and viewing (no exceptions). We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Is continuing education (CE) credit offered for attending a region meeting?

  • No, region meetings are not accredited and do not award CE credit. Attendees are eligible to receive a certificate of participation if they attend the meeting and complete a short evaluation afterwards, but this certificate is a non-credit bearing certificate.


How can I claim my certificate of participation after the meeting?

  • After the region meeting has ended, you will need to visit the region meeting activity block on your CE Activities list. Click on the block to expand activity options and click on the blue "Next Steps" button.



    This will open up a new window for you and allow you access to the region meeting evaluation. Complete all required evaluation questions and submit the evaluation to receive your certificate of participation. 

    NOTE: The evaluation will only be available for 4 weeks following the conclusion of the meeting. Make sure to respond to the evaluation within that time in order to claim your certificate.


Can I have a copy of the slides used for the region meeting presentation?

  • Due to the sensitive and timely information that is provided at the AANP Region Meetings, we are not able to provide the slides from the meetings as a handout for attendees. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. However, there is a resource document that the State and Federal Government Affairs team have put together to provide attendees that references much of the information that is presented during the meetings. If you'd like to see that resource document, you can follow the link here: Region Member Meeting Resources

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