Does a Course Meet a State Board Requirement?

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Currently the AANP CE Center has very few activities that it actively identifies as meeting state-specific continuing education (CE) requirements for some states, but AANP is working on expanding this list of offerings. To view a current list of CE activities that might be required by your state, see here: CE for State Requirements  (make sure to check the "Licensing Board Requirements" section of the activity description for any activities listed in this area to see if this activity has been approved by your state).


Due to the expansive and ever-changing list of state-specific CE requirements, we cannot label every activity that might meet the requirements for every state. However, this does not mean that CE activities found in the AANP CE Center will not meet your state's requirements. If you need confirmation that an activity will be accepted prior to purchasing or taking that activity, we highly recommend you reach out to your state board of nursing (SBON) directly. Support staff at AANP do not have the ability or authority to tell a learner whether an activity will meet state board requirements unless it is already specifically stated in the course description.


If you are unsure of how to contact the SBON for your state, you can visit AANP's Practice Information by State page at Scroll down and locate the hyperlink for your specific state. Once you are on your state-specific page, look for the link under the subheading "Regulatory Agency" - this will be the link to get you to your SBON.



When corresponding with your SBON regarding whether a CE activity will meet their state-specific CE requirements or not, generally they will need to see the activity description and the activity outcomes in order to make that determination. All of this information can be found on the activity catalog description page for any CE Center activity. You can send the activity catalog description page (which is a public link, does not require any kind of login to view) to your SBON by right-clicking on any activity title from the AANP CE Center catalog and selecting "Copy Link Address" from the list of menu options.  Paste the resulting link into your email to the SBON.



If your SBON requires additional information about an activity that is not provided on the catalog description page, please submit a request for additional assistance through our AANP Help Center support form to let us know what additional information is needed and a support representative will follow-up with you.

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