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While browsing through JNP (, you may come across articles that are marked with a "CE" tag on them.



The JNP provides two articles that award continuing education (CE) credit for each monthly issue. One of the articles is accredited by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) and hosted in the AANP CE Center for AANP members to earn free CE credit for as part of their membership benefit. The other article is accredited by American Nurses Credentialing Center’s (ANCC's) Commission on Accreditation and is hosted through the JNP publisher e-learning site, Elsevier.


The JNP articles that are free to AANP members are only those that are reviewed and accredited by AANP. The other CE articles listed in the JNP that are accredited by ANCC can still be taken for CE credit, but learners will be required to pay $5 on the JNP site for access to the activity and certificate. Completion of non-AANP accredited articles will not be recorded automatically in the AANP CE Tracker. Learners will need to manually enter the completion information for any non-AANP accredited articles they receive credit for.


Links to CE activities in JNP:


The ability to claim CE credit for a JNP article activity is limited to 12 months after the publication date of the article. If you are reviewing historical articles in the JNP that are older than 12 months, you cannot attempt to claim CE credit for those articles with the CE tag.



Register for and Complete a JNP Activity in the AANP CE Center

Browse the list of available JNP articles here and register for any that interest you. If you've already read an approved article while on the JNP site and want to claim your CE credit, search the available list and locate the title of the JNP article that you've read. Click on the hyperlinked title of any activity to be taken to the activity description page.



Click the green "Register" button to register the activity to your CE activities list. (JNP articles are only available to AANP members, and AANP members can register for these activities for free as part of their member benefit.)



Once the activity is registered to you, visit your CE Activities page ( and click on the title of the activity. This will expand the activity block and provide several button options on the left side. Click on the blue "Next Steps" button.



To claim credit for the activity, you will need to digitally confirm that you've read the required article material, take a short post-test and complete an activity evaluation. 



When all three steps mentioned above have been completed, a "Get Certificate" button will appear at the bottom of the "Next Steps" window. Click this button to show your certificate of completion for downloading/printing. A copy of the certificate will automatically be emailed to the email address your CE Center account is registered under.



If you experience any difficulties registering for or claiming credit for a JNP article, please submit a request for additional assistance through our AANP Help Center support form and a support representative will follow-up with you.

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