AANP California Provider Number

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AANP’s California Provider # is CEP-16632.


If you are licensed to practice in the state of California, you may be asked to provide AANP's California Provider number for AANP continuing education (CE) activities you want to use towards your CE requirements.


The AANP California Provider number is only required if you completed the CE activity hosted by AANP directly in the state of California —for example, during our 2022 Fall Conference held in Anaheim, California. If AANP hosts a CE event in the state of California, the California Provider number will automatically be added to the certificate of completion earned from that event in the bottom-left corner.



If you completed any virtual CE activities from AANP (such as those offered in the AANP CE Center), you should not need the provider number. If a number is being requested for virtual activities, it is likely the number they are looking for is the accreditation ID number of an activity. The accreditation ID for all AANP activities can be found on the certificate of completion.



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