Why Can't I Find My AANP Conference Certificate of Completion?

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Continuing education (CE) credit and certificates of completion earned from attending AANP Conferences (both in-person and virtually) can be found in the AANP CE Tracker (cetracker.aanp.org).

If you are looking in your CE Tracker and are not seeing CE credit from an AANP Conference you registered for, see the list below to check for a few different reasons why this may be the case. 



(1) Are you sure the conference you're looking for is an AANP accredited and AANP hosted conference?

Only conferences accredited and hosted by AANP will automatically be added to your CE Tracker. Currently AANP has three conferences that happen annually: Health Policy Conference (usually in January/February), National Conference (usually in June) and Fall Conference (usually in September). It is possible to attend other conferences that might have received AANP accreditation, but if those conferences are hosted by other organizations (such as state or private organizations), the credit awarded from those conferences would be handled by the hosting organization and you will need to reach out to the host organization for additional assistance.



(2) Are you looking at the correct date range in your CE Tracker to display your conference completion?

Depending on how far back the conference is that you are trying to find credit for, you may need to adjust the "Display From" field in your CE Tracker to an earlier date. By default the date will currently show all CE completions from 1/1/2017. If the conference you are looking for is older than this date, adjust to the desired date and use the "Apply" button to see additional CE completions.




(3) Are you looking for credit from your attendance to an in-person conference or completion of virtual conference sessions?

The CE Tracker records and displays completion from in-person and virtual conferences differently.



CE credit from an in-person conference will be displayed as a single row with all CE earned for the duration of the conference displayed as one total. The "Type" associated with the entry will be "External" because it was earned from an activity hosted outside of the CE Center. There will be a link to a single certificate of completion and a link to a session transcript under the "Actions" column. The certificate provided for an in-person conference will always have the location of where the conference was hosted and the dates of the conference located in the bottom left corner. The transcript document provides a breakdown of all sessions attended while at conference and the individual CE values for each session.







CE credit from a virtual conference will be displayed as multiple rows with individual CE earned for EACH virtual session you complete. Due to the way the current AANP virtual conference platforms are currently set up, it is not possible to have a single certificate that totals the completion of all virtual session completions for a virtual conference (we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause). All virtual session completions will have a "Type" listed as "External" because it was earned from an activity hosted on a virtual platform outside of the AANP CE Center. The certificates that come from virtual conference sessions will be themed differently than an in-person conference certificate — they will match the theme of the virtual content for that particular conference and will have the name of the conference and the word "OnDemand" in the certificate banner graphic.

Note: Conference sessions completed on the virtual conference platform are set up to sync the CE and certificate to user CE Tracker profiles within one hour of completion.




(4) Did you complete all required activity evaluations?

Whether you are attending an AANP conference in person or virtually, all conference sessions require an evaluation in order to receive CE credit. The steps to complete session evaluations will be different for in-person and on-demand content. See the additional information below for those differences and steps to completion. 



See the help article: How To Claim CE Credit for AANP Conferences You Attend Virtually/On-Demand



See the help article: How To Claim CE Credit for AANP Conferences You Attend Live/In-Person

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