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Are AANP and AANPCB the same organization?

AANP and AANPCB are separate organizations, which requires all account information and payments to be handled separately.

  • AANP is your national NP membership association.
  • AANPCB provides certification, re-certification and verification of certification. For questions about your certification, please visit aanpcert.org, email certification@aanpcert.org or call or text 512-637-0500.

If I certify with AANPCB, do I automatically become a member AANP?

No. AANP and AANPCB are separate organizations with different purposes. AANP is a professional membership association and AANPCB is a certification body.

How do I receive the $75 AANP member discount for certification or re-certification with AANPCB?

To claim this benefit, do the following:

  • Ensure that your name on your AANP membership account is an exact match for how it is listed on your AANPCB certification account.
  • Enter in your AANP account number in the section listed as “Membership Number” on the certification application. The $75 discount will be applied automatically.

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