Important Speaker Information for 2024 National Conference

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If you are a selected speaker for the 2024 national conference, please review the information below to insure a smooth process for your speaking engagement.

Registration and Housing

  1. Your complimentary conference waiver has been added, and you may now register for the conference.
  2. If you are presenting in-person at the conference, you can reserve your hotel room through the AANP block at AANP National Conference 2024 (


Get your PowerPoint (PPT) Presentation Ready

  1. Please read the presentation rules.

  2. Please use this template for the Ppt file.
    **Please note the Conference Speaker System is now open and presentations are due no later than the close of business on Tuesday, April 30. 

    • Presentations or additional file types that do not meet AANP CE Accreditation Standards will be canceled and not included in the conference schedule. Once your PowerPoint presentation(s) is submitted and approved for AANP CE Credit, no changes will be allowed before or during the conference.
    • Videos must be inserted into your presentation or uploaded as a separate file.

    CE for nurse practitioners (NPs) is a systematic and structured educational process designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of NPs to influence professionalism and practice. NP CE goes above and beyond basic NP academic education to assist the NP in continuing to learn. Examples of acceptable content for NP CE include:
    • Information to manage and treat multiple illnesses and conditions in primary care and specialty areas.
    • Wellness; prevention; health promotion.
    • Legislative and policy issues affecting health care and practice.
    • Conversational foreign language relevant to health care.
    • Business and practice management.

    For non–clinical content, the description should include a statement of how the topic enhances NP practice. Self-improvement and exercise or stress-reduction technique topics must be supported by measurable objectives that describe how the content will ultimately benefit or improve patient outcomes. 

    Promotional activities must NOT occur during CE events. This includes self‐promotion of articles, books, products, services, companies, etc. Distribution of product brochures or product information in conjunction with handouts is prohibited. Content or handouts developed by an ineligible entity may NOT be used during presentations. 

    To accredit an educational activity for CE credit, specific accreditation standards must be followed. Additionally, as the provider of this educational activity, AANP seeks to ensure that copyright or other intellectual property violations do not occur. Please note that ‘fair use’ of copyrighted material does not apply to AANP conferences. 

    Please review the site linked below with important information for using the Conference Speaker System and developing your poster presentation(s). A newly developed guide for speakers can be found at Following the guidelines provided will help to ensure a seamless review process and minimize the number of revisions required.

    Handouts for sessions will be in electronic format only. No handouts or materials will be printed for the in-person portion of the conference. The submission process for posting will be forthcoming.

    **The e-mail address is no longer in service. Please remove it from your address book and only use If you have sent an e-mail to, please resend to so we can address your question and assist and support you. We look forward to seeing you in Nashville, Tennessee!



Conference fees are 100% waived, and airfare up to $700. AANP shall reimburse speakers for all actual documented reasonable coach air travel; eligible hotel night(s) and lodging within the housing block; and miscellaneous travel expenses as noted in your speaker agreement. Airfare costs exceeding $700 U.S. dollars will not be reimbursed unless written approval is given by AANP prior to the flight being booked. After the conference completion and your submission of the reimbursement form along with the supporting documents (receipts), your reimbursement will be processed. Reimbursement forms and on-site conference information will be made available prior to the start of the conference. Please continue to check your e-mails for updates and correspondence with the conference speaker system team.

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