How To Claim CE Credit for AANP Conferences You Attend Live/In-Person

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Continuing education (CE) credit and certificates of completion earned from attending AANP Conferences (both in-person and virtually) can be found in the AANP CE Tracker (



For in-person AANP conferences, attendees are required to complete an evaluation for each session they attend. Once all session evaluations are completed, an Overall General Conference Evaluation will be unlocked and attendees must complete that overall conference evaluation in order to release the CE credit, certificate and transcript to their CE Tracker. If you aren't sure that you completed all of your in-person session evaluations or may have missed the Overall General Conference Evaluation, you can follow the steps below to check and complete any missed evaluations.

  1. Go to and log in with your AANP credentials.
  1. Once you’ve logged in, go to the area in the upper-right corner where it has your initials in the blue bubble and mouse over that option. Select “My Profile” from the drop-down menu.
  1. Once you are on your AANP Profile page, click on the accordion option for My Education and look to the bottom of the resulting list. There will be a section labeled "AANP Conferences" and a link there to Complete Conference Evaluations. The shortcut link to get to this same area if you are not already on your AANP profile page is
  1. The resulting page will display any incomplete conferences/sessions that you might have outstanding in your account (conferences with a red icon beside them are incomplete). Each conference tells you how many sessions you have left to evaluate. Note: If you are not seeing the conference you are looking for, it is possible that the conference is outside of the window of time in which you are allowed to obtain credit for it (conference sessions remain visible for up to one year, attendees should claim credit within 6 months of the conference ending). 
  1. After clicking on the conference, you’ll be able to see all the sessions that you originally registered for. You will need to click on each session and complete the evaluation form for each session in order to be able to receive credit for the individual sessions attended. Any session that shows up with a red icon beside it means that you need to complete the evaluation for that session. If you have a session that was added to your list that you did not actually attend, you can use the "Remove Session" link under the session title to take it off of your list.
  1. Click on each session and fill out the short evaluation form on the following page. You will be asked to evaluate the SESSION and the SPEAKER. All fields that are required provide drop-down menus of options for quick and easy answering. There are some free-response fields for additional comments, but those are optional.  
  1. IMPORTANT:  You must complete ALL session evaluations before you gain access to the GENERAL CONFERENCE EVALUATION. The general conference evaluation is the one that will award your CE credit, session transcript and conference completion certificate. The general conference evaluation is located at the TOP of the conference sessions page. It will show in “locked” status until you complete all session evaluations. Once it unlocks, fill it out and submit it for full conference completion.
    Note: There is a slight delay between the conference evaluation platform and the AANP CE Center platform. Once you complete your conference requirements on the conference platform, it could take 5-10 minutes before you see the completion on your AANP CE Tracker in the AANP CE Center.
  1. Once you’ve completed the requirements to claim credit for the conference, you can go to your AANP CE Tracker at and locate your conference completion information. In the far-right column of the tracker (Actions column) you’ll see a hyperlinked word for “Cert / Schedule”. Clicking on the word “Cert” will open the certificate up for you so that you can save it or print it as needed. Clicking on the word "Schedule" will open up the session transcript which can be saved and provided along with the certificate of completion as additional documentation if needed.

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