How To Claim CE Credit for AANP Conferences You Attend Virtually/On-Demand

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Continuing education (CE) credit and certificates of completion earned from attending AANP Conferences (both in-person and virtually) can be found in the AANP CE Tracker (



For on-demand AANP conferences, attendees are required to complete an evaluation after each session that they watch. The completion of the evaluation after a virtual session is what allows the CE credit and certificate for that session to be transferred to a user's CE Tracker profile. Users will receive CE credit and a certificate for EACH session that they complete.


Please Note: Due to the way the current AANP virtual conference platforms are set up, it is not possible to have a single certificate that totals the completion of all virtual session completions for a virtual conference (we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause).


After fully watching a session video, click the the "Next Steps" button of the session activity block to access the session evaluation. 



A new window will open with the session evaluation questions. Please note that the "Participation Tracking" line must show "Complete" in order for the evaluation questions to appear. If you are not seeing "Participation Tracking" with a status of "Complete," you will need go back to the video and continue watching until the end. 



Answer all required evaluation questions and click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the window . 



After successfully submitting the session evaluation, the window will automatically re-load and you will now see a button that says "Get Certificate." Click this button to access the certificate screen.



Use the drop-down at the top of the new screen and select the conference certificate from the list. This is a very important step - do not skip it! Clicking the "Get Certificate" button triggers two important functions - (1) it changes the course status from "In Progress" to "Complete" and (2) it pushes the CE and certificate earned to your CE Tracker. 



On-Demand conference sessions that are completed on the virtual conference platform are set up to sync the CE and certificate to user CE Tracker profiles within one hour of completion. After completing an on-demand session, please allow at least an hour before checking your CE Tracker for the session credit and certificate. 


NOTE: It is incredibly important that attendees viewing virtual sessions complete their session evaluations prior to the closing date of the on-demand conference. Any fully-viewed session without a submitted evaluation will not award credit! Due to how the virtual platform is set up, we are unable to extend an attendee's ability to access the platform after the last date of the on-demand conference. Requests for additional time to complete missed evaluations will not be possible.




CE credit from a virtual conference will be displayed as multiple rows with individual CE earned for EACH virtual session you complete. All virtual session completions will have a "Type" listed as "External" because it was earned from an activity hosted on a virtual platform outside of the AANP CE Center. The certificates that come from virtual conference sessions will be themed differently than an in-person conference certificate — they will match the theme of the virtual content for that particular conference and will have the name of the conference and the word "OnDemand" in the certificate banner graphic.






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