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Being a member of AANP comes with a variety of online continuing education (CE) opportunities available to you through the AANP CE Center.  You can go to cecenter.aanp.org and log in with your AANP account credentials to get started in the AANP CE Center.


MEMBER BENEFIT: Free CE and Exclusive CE for Members Only

One of the key highlights of AANP membership is access to a range of free CE activities in addition to exclusive CE activities that are available to members only (these are usually either free or offered at a very reduced cost).  If you are a member of AANP, you can always find a listing of CE activities that are free to you by clicking on the category [Free CE for AANP Members] or clicking on the icon for Free CE for AANP Members on the right-side menu.



Some examples of free/exclusive CE activities include:

  • AANP Course of the Month Program: In this program, one new course is released each month (for a total of 12 possible free courses in a year). For the first month of availability, only AANP members have the opportunity to register for the activity and take it to earn their free CE credit. After the promotional month is over, the activity becomes more widely available to both members and non-members for a cost (AANP members pay a significantly reduced cost — over 60% less than a non-member).
  • The Journal for Nurse Practitioners (JNP):  AANP members receive free access to AANP-accredited CE articles from the JNP throughout the year (approximately 10 articles annually). To learn more about JNP articles for CE credit, see our article on JNP activities here. To learn more about JNP publications with CE credit, see our article on JNP activities here. 
  • Exclusive Partner Content: AANP will occasionally partner with external collaborators to bring exclusive CE activities for AANP members (either free or at a significantly reduced cost). Some of these partners in the past have included the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Noridian and more.

If you want to browse the full catalog of the AANP CE Center, you can do so as a member, non-member or guest.

  • Browsing the catalog as a guest and non-member will display registration restrictions and content pricing based on the non-member level.
  • Browsing the catalog while logged in as a member will display all available catalog content and provide a significantly discounted CE price on any activity that carries a fee.

The majority of activities offered in the AANP CE Center catalog are on-demand video activities and publications. When you first log in, you’ll arrive at the CE activities catalog home page, which contains a listing of all our different groupings of CE topics.  You can click on any one of those to explore CE activities in that area. If you are looking for something more specific, you can use the search bar at the top of the catalog to search for CE activities by keyword.


When you find an activity that you are interested in, click on it to be taken to the activity's details page. In the upper-right corner of this page, you’ll either see a green “Register” button (if the activity is free, which bypasses the cart process completely) or you'll see a yellow "Add to Cart" button that lists what the member and non-member price for that activity is. 


Free Activity (Bypasses cart process and automatically adds content to a user's CE Activities page.)



Paid Activity (Adds activity to the user's checkout cart. Full checkout process must be completed before content will display on the user's CE Activity page.)



MEMBER BENEFIT: Additional CE Tracker Functionality

Any activity completed through the CE Center of through an AANP Conference (in-person or on-demand) will have a record of that completion and associated credit and certificates stored in the AANP CE Tracker. The CE Tracker is available to all users of the CE Center (member and non-member), but AANP Members receive additional functionality to make the CE Tracker a more comprehensive tool for tracking and reporting continuing education completion for certification/recertification purposes.

To access the AANP CE Tracker, you can click on the “Hello, (name)” tab again in the upper-right corner and select My CE Tracker.



As an AANP member, you can utilize the following additional functionality from the CE Tracker:

  • Add Credit:  This button will allow you to manually enter records of completed CE activities from organizations outside of AANP  (such as UpToDate, CE Broker, non-AANP conferences, etc) for a singular and more comprehensive place to keep track of all CE credit earned. Please note that AANP staff do not check manual entries for accuracy when entered. Users are responsible for the accuracy of manually entered information and need to make sure to enter all information exactly as it appears on the certificate of completion earned from the activity. This certificate must also be uploaded as part of the record (PDF is the only accepted file type at this time).  Externally entered CE credit is more likely to be subject to review by the certification board when going through the recertification process, so it is important to make sure self-entries are accurate. For more information on how to enter credit into the AANP CE Tracker, see the help article here.   
  • Share CE Data with the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Certification Board (AANPCB): This button will allow members to opt-in to a data sharing agreement that allows AANP to share all of your CE Tracker data (internal completions, conference completions and externally entered completions) with AANPCB. Users will be taken to a page asking for confirmation to opt into the data sharing agreement, and once confirmed will receive a confirmation email.  Please note: this is a background function that allows your data to be shared in a database that AANPCB staff have access to. When you go to the AANPCB website, you will not see anything on your profile indicating that your data is being shared. When reviewing your application for recertification, AANPCB staff can look you up in a staff-only tool and pull in your information from there.  For more detailed information about data sharing with AANPCB, please see the help article here


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